Mid Back vs High Back Chairs


Choosing a right chair for the office/workspace can be confusing, especially when there are a lot of options available in the market. High back and low back chairs are two popular types of chairs that are used mostly in offices nowadays. Choosing the right chair for you from these two may be a bit confusing.


In this article, let’s have a look at the main differences between these two and which will suite you the best. 


What is a High Back Chair?


A High back chair is a type of chair which has a supporting backrest which is extended to the upper back of the body. These chairs support our entire back, shoulders and neck. High back chairs normally come in two forms: chairs with tall backrest that extends till the head or chairs with a headrest which is attached to the top of the chair.


Advantages of High Back Chairs


  • Give more support for lower back, higher back, neck and shoulders.
  • Help in sitting for a longer time by reducing back pain.
  • The headrest gives proper support for head and neck.
  • Available in different styles and designs.
  • Available in various materials like leather and mesh.


Why choose High Back Chairs for your workspace?


Since High Back Chairs provide extra support to the neck and shoulders, these provide the maximum comfort for the user. These chairs really help those who suffer from neck and back pain. High Back Chairs allow us to work for long hours without stress.


High Back Chairs are often used in spacious office areas because they are much bigger than other chairs like medium or low back chairs. 


What is a Mid Back Chair?


A Medium / Mid Back Chairs are is type of chair with supporting backrest which is extended upto the shoulder/neck. These chairs mainly support the lower and mid back of the body. These chairs don't have neck support or headrest.


Advantages of Mid Back Chairs


  • Lighter in weight than High Back Chairs.
  • Available in different styles and designs.
  • Available in both mesh and leather.
  • Suitable for multitasking.


Why choose Mid Back Chairs for your workspace?


Mid Back Chairs provide great support for your lower back. 


Since these chairs are relatively smaller and lightweight than High Back Chairs, these are an ideal solution for workspaces with limited space. It is highly recommended for the multitaskers who need to move back and forth frequently.


Also, for specialised office spaces like conference rooms, meeting rooms which we use for a short period of time, Medium Back Chairs are the best to use.


Generally, Mid Back Chairs are more economical than High Back Chairs. That’s because of the additional features High back Chairs have when compared to Mid Back Chairs. 


What should we consider when buying Mid Back or High Back Chairs?


Both these chairs come in mesh, fabric and leather materials. When buying chairs for a workspace, we have to make sure which type of chair is suitable by considering the factors of comfort, office space, material, height, back support, price, style and so on. 

Fetch offers a wide variety of High Back Chairs and Medium Back Chairs with different styles and colours. Have a look and find the best one that suits your workspace the best.