What all should you consider before buying ergonomic chairs?


People working for a long amount of time in  front of a computer in an office must be aware of their seating and its characteristics. The chairs we use in offices/workspaces play an important role in avoiding back pain or related problems in the future. Therefore, choosing an ergonomic chair that is very well suited for our work culture is really essential nowadays.


One thing we should consider when selecting ergonomic chairs is comfort, of course. With an appropriate work chair, one can sit and work for a long amount of time without strain. This will really reflect in their work too. 


Ergonomic Chairs


An ergonomic chair can be defined as a type of chair which is best designed to be used in office/work. Ergonomic chairs designed to support the users of the chair, considering health, comfort, support and posture. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable features in seat height, depth, lumbar support, armrest which allow the users to sit comfortably.


This is a brief guide on what factors you should consider before purchasing an ergonomic chair for your office / workspace.


  1. Adjustable seat height


The height of office chairs should easily be adjustable. Most office chair brands in the market use a lever to adjust the height of the office chair. We should make sure that the height of the chair is adjusted according to work/computer monitor level. Also, make sure that the feet are placed flat on the ground, and the thighs horizontal with the ground when sitting on the chair.


  1. Width of Seat


The Chair should have enough width and depth in the seat. The knees of the user must be 2-4 inches away from the seat. And making sure there is enough width is essential for a comfortable posture. Normally, the width of 17-21 inches is enough for office chairs.


  1. Seat material


Office chair seats are made using different types of materials nowadays; both leather and cloth fabrics are used in seats. Selecting material clearly depends upon the usage of chairs. For long hours of works, cloth fabric will be more comfortable than leather. Leather, on other hand, is long lasting and easier to clean when compared to cloth fabric.

For someone who does multitasking in an office should prefer leather over cloth materials.


  1. Lumbar Support


Support for the lumbar spine is one of the most important factors for ergonomic chairs. The lower back spine has an inward curve. Sitting without proper support for a long period of time can cause serious health issues for the spine. Lumbar support also ensures the comfort of sitting.


  1. Chair Backrest


An ergonomic chair has an adjustable backrest to render different comfort level to the user. Based on the height of the backrest, ergonomic chairs are usually High Back or Medium Back chairs. In simpler words, High Back chairs are Mid Back chairs with support on both head and shoulders. 


  1. Armrest


Armrest is the part of the chair which allows the user to relax their arms, hands and shoulders. Adjustable armrests are available now which make the user more comfortable.


  1. Swivel of chair


Swivel on an ergonomic chair should be smooth and safe. It allows the user to move aside or back with minimum effort. It really helps in multitasking and to be efficient in work.


  1. Wheels


The wheels on ergonomic chairs allow the users to move a minimum distance inside the office such as, one desk to another. Choosing proper wheels according to our working condition and type of floor is really important. For a smooth tile paved surface, we could select a chair with soft wheels which does not scratch the floor. Also, for hard surfaces, we should go for strong wheels.


Which is the best type of ergonomic chair?


There are a plenty of ergonomic chair types available in the market. Selecting the best suitable chair for our work clearly depends upon our working condition and comfort. Someone who needs to sit and work in front of a computer should choose the chair which has more comfort features like mesh cloth, headrest etc. Leather seated chairs are much easier to clean and maintain when compared to cloth seated chairs.


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May you find your comfortable seat here!